Sunday, May 30, 2010

Construction Engineering Seminar Topics

Building Systems
Advance Environmental Systems
Entrepreneurship and Venture Management
Real Estate Development Track
Building Information Modeling and Integrated Practice
Advanced Real Estate Law
Heavy Construction Methods and Operations
Directed Research in Civil Engineering
Building Typologies
Market Analysis for Real Estate
Real Estate Project Development
Advanced Topics in Real Estate Finance
Real Estate Finance, Investments and Development
Advanced Structures
Advanced Construction Materials : Microsilica In Concrete

Civil Seminar Topics

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
Advanced Road Transportation System
The generation and safe use of hydrogen as a road vehicle secondary fuel
Transportation planning and modeling: trip generation & trip distribution
Application of high-speed trains to existing rail routes
Developments of energy storage and power density for secondary road vehicle fuels
Open channel hydraulics
Transportation demand theory
Integrated multi–modal transportation systems
Traffic flow models
Lean Burn Technology
Race Car Engineering
Quasi Turbine Engines
Micro System Technology in assembly & Fabrication
Advanced Road Transportation System
Ion Drive Engine
Multi Refractive headlamps
Automated highway systems
Negative Pressure Supercharging
Vision Systems for Safe Driving
Recent trends in engine development
Adaptive Light patterns for Automobiles
Fluidised Bed Combustion
Variable timing Valve Trains (VTVT)
Automobile navigation advanced Systems
Syntronic brake systems.
Adaptive Cruise control Plus (ACC+)
Advanced Luxury in Cars
Frictionless Compressor technology
Composite leaf spring suspension
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